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Introduction to Tang Poetry The Tang dynasty (618-907) reunified China after almost 400 years of political disunity that followed upon the dissolution of the Han dynasty in 220. During the Tang era, Eurasian exchange flourished across what has become known as the Silk Road, contributing to the grand cosmopolitan culture of the Tang age Tang poetry refers to the creation of the Tang Dynasty poems. Tang poetry is Han nation's most precious cultural heritage and it is a jewel in the treasure house of Chinese culture. It also had a significant impact on the cultural development of the nation and neighboring countries In Chinese literature, the Tang period (618-907) is considered the golden age of Chinese poetry. Tang Shi San Bai Shou is a compilation of poems from this period made around 1763 by Sun Zhu of the Qing dynasty. It has been used in China for centuries since to teach elementary students to read and write, and also in cultivating character Robert Oxnam :: The Tang dynasty, which lasted from 618 to 907, is often referred to as China's golden age. Indeed Chinese culture flourished under the Tang, and Tang poets are perhaps the best known and most revered of all Chinese literary figures. David D. W. Wang :: Poetry reached its peak in the Tang Dynasty, roughly from the seventh to the.

Characteristics of Tang Poetry. Tang poetry was strongly connected to religion and had a major impact on the Song Dynasty poetry and even on world literature. The most popular Tang poetry styles included jintishi, used by poets such as Cui Hao and Wang Wei and gushi, used by Li Bai The Three Hundred Tang Poems is an anthology of poems from the Chinese Tang dynasty. It was first compiled around 1763 by Sun Zhu, who was a Qing Dynasty scholar and was also known as Hengtang Tuishi. Various later editions also exist. All editions contain slightly more than 300 total poems: in this case, 300 is an estimate; the ten, twenty, or more extra poems represent a bonus. Also, the number 300 was a classic number for a poetry collection due to the influence of the Classic. TANG DYNASTY POETRY Tang Dynasty Poetry Styles. The early Tang period was best known for its lushi (regulated verse), an eight-line poem... Translating Tang Poetry Into English. Dr. Eno wrote: Because when Tang poems are rendered into English, so many... Early Tang Poetry, Meng Haoran (689-740).. Durante la dinastia Tang, la poesia ha continuato a essere una parte importante della vita sociale a tutti i livelli della società. Gli studiosi erano tenuti a padroneggiare la poesia per gli esami di servizio civile, ma l'arte era teoricamente alla portata di tutti La più completa è invece Tutta la poesia Táng (全 唐 詩 quán tángshī.) compilata, per ordine dell'imperatore Kāngxī 康 熙 帝 della dinastia Qīng 清 朝, da un gruppo di studiosi che operarono sotto la guida del letterato Cáo Yín 曹 寅

Tang poetry refers to poetry written during China's Tang dynasty, often considered as the Golden Age of Chinese poetry. According to a compilation created under the Kangxi emperor of the Qing Dynasty, there were almost 50,000 Tang poems written by over 2,200 authors Guide to The Tang of Poetry - click on the links below to jump to each poem. Poem 1. Thoughts on a Quiet Night - by Li Bai. Poem 2. A Drift of Snow by the River - by Liu Zongyuan. Poem 3. Love - by Wang Wei. Poem 4. In Celebration of Geese - by Luo Binwang In the early Tang Dynasty, most of the poets followed the style of their forebears and created a blend of the characteristics of the north and south. Eventually the field of literature was refreshed and became more vigorous as a result of those who are known as The Four Talents - Wang Bo, Yang Jiong, Luo Binwang, and Lu Zhaolin, 唐詩-廣東話 Tang poetry, Cantonese (春曉 憫農 池上 江南 詠鵝 詠柳 清明 出塞 江雪 靜夜思 遊子吟 樂遊原 竹里館 涼州詞 回鄉偶書 登鸛鵲樓 古朗月行. In this first of a series introducing the history of the development of Chinese poetry, Laszlo focuses on the two most important works from Pre-Qin China. Th..

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  1. About Tang Dynasty Poetry. The Tang Dynasty (618-907) is often called China's Golden Age. Art and literature flourished as never before, and poetry blossomed into new splendor. Many Tang poets composed jueju poems. These are short poems ( jueju means cut short)
  2. Tang Poetry Appreciation Vol 3/4: HSK Intermediate Chinese Reading: Amazon.it: YAO, DAVID: Libri in altre lingue Selezione delle preferenze relative ai cookie Utilizziamo cookie e altre tecnologie simili per migliorare la tua esperienza di acquisto, per fornire i nostri servizi, per capire come i nostri clienti li utilizzano in modo da poterli migliorare e per visualizzare annunci pubblicitari
  3. Read the 300 Tang poems collection, in Chinese and with Witter Bynner's translation. Characters are linked to dictionnaries. / Lire la compilation des trois cents po鋗es Tang, en version originale et avec la traduction anglaise de Witter Bynner

The Golden Age of Chinese Poetry You might have noticed that of the five poems featured here, four were written in the Tang Dynasty(唐朝 - Táng cháo). Indeed, the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) is largely considered the golden age of Chinese poetry, a period of relative stability and prosperity that gave us many of the most memorable and talent poets in Chinese history 全唐诗数据库. Contribute to hxgdzyuyi/tang_poetry development by creating an account on GitHub The Tang Dynasty (618-907) is the golden age of both China and its poetry. And not just that — there is probably no time and place in world history when poetry was more important. The imperial exam, a ticket into the social elite, required test-takers to be thoroughly familiar with poetry. Social life for elites was dominated by parties where people sat around drinking and writing poetry

In Chinese literature, the Tang period (618-907) is considered the golden age of Chinese poetry. Tang Shi San Bai Shou [300 Tang Poems] is a compilation of poems from this period made around 1763 by Heng-tang-tui-shi [Sun Zhu] of the Qing dynasty.Sun's motivation for compiling the collection sprang from his dissatisfaction with the then popular textbook, the Qian Jia Shi [Poems by A Thousand. Tang Poetry - Applicazione per android - Luke Shan - ★★★★☆ - Consultazion Compra Metaphysical and Mid-Late Tang Poetry: A Baroque Comparison. SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA su ordini idone RELATED TOPIC: DU FU (721-770) INTRODUCTION TO TANG POETRY. Poetry and the Civil Service Examination. Robert Oxnam :: In the year 680, composition of poetry was introduced as one of the requirements in the civil service examination that was used to recruit candidates outside of the governing elite for civil service

La dinastia Tang (618-907). Nel corso della grande rivoluzione contadina contro i Sui (581-618), il nobile Li Yuan (565-636), capo militare dello Shaanxi, diviene l'imperatore Gaozu dei Tang TANG POETRY Tang Shi. Diretto da. Zhang Lu. Cina, Corea del Sud, 2004. Drammatico. 87. Trama. Holding a shaking hand with another hand, a former pickpocket confines himself in his apartment. He doesn't talk to anyone for long. There is only one woman with whom he communicates. Trama Tang Poetry 唐詩. 75 likes. Tang Dynasty Poetry 618-907 CE 唐朝詩 618-907 (taken from translations by T C Zhang, B M Wilson

Tang poetry is unsurpassed in its grandeur, free and natural grace, profound artistic conception, and elegance. The adoption of the regulated or uniform form, the clever use of language, the insistence on lyrical beauty, and the use of rich content have all contributed to the unique and exalted status that Tang poetry enjoys in the. The Tang Dynasty that existed from 18th June 618 to 1st June 907 could be said to have been built with its poets. The ability to write good poetry that expounded social and ethical issues was the passport to entering the government. Some Tang Dynasty poets also wrote poetry of a more personal nature. Tang Tang poetry inherited the tradition of Wei and Han folk songs together with Yuefu poems and developed them into a unique chanting style. The 5- or 7-word poems were a tradition taken from the previous generation. However, Tang poets infused a romantic aspect of poetry

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Tang poetry (Jue ju and Lü shi) mainly consists of four lines or eight lines. However, the poetic type of English poetry is more complicated than that of Tang poetry. The poetic types of English poetry mainly include couplet, tercet, quatrain, quintet, rhyme royal, ottava rima, Spenserian stanza and sonnet Tang Poetry The Tang Dynasty witnessed a peak in Chinese culture. Especially for ancient poetry, it had its flowering in the Tang Dynasty. In more than 300 years of history of the Tang Dynasty, some 48,900 poems were handed down and remain widely known today. So many works also made more than 2, 300 poet

Tang poetry is one of the most valuable cultural inheritances of Chinese history. Its distinctive aesthetics, delicate language and diverse styles constitute great Literature in itself, as well as a rich topic for literary study. This two-volume set constitutes a classic analysis of Tang poetry in the Golden Age of Chinese poetry (618-907 A.D). This two-volume set is the masterpiece of. Tag: tang poetry. Merry Christmas to a Friend: Du Mu Poetry and Baby Names. December 22, 2020 chineseliteraturepodcastgmail-com Poetry 0 Comments. In honor of our good friend Katherine, a long-time listener of the podcast, we're dedicating an episode to the poet whose work provided the Chinese characters for her son's name

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The anthology Quan Tang Shi, which collects the poems of the entire dynasty, contains 50,000 written by more than 2,300 poets. These works, as well as being a true reflection of the various aspects of the society of Tang, demonstrate the artistic maturity reached by the Chinese poetry in that period. Discussion Tang era has always been. Vietnamese, Tang poetry is much closer than given by a short glance. Tang poems (唐 詩 Táng shī Đường thi) were written during the Tang period (618-908 AD) more than 1100 years earlier. For this reason, when we say writing a Tang poem nowadays, we probably mean writing a poem in accordance with the rules of Tang poetry View Tang Poetry Research Papers on Academia.edu for free The Tang Dynasty was the heyday of classical Chinese poetry. As one of the excellent literature heritages of China, Tang poetry is also a bright pearl of literature treasure of the world. A great number of poems have been handed down though history has moved on for over one thousand years Tang poetry. Page 2 of 50 - About 500 essays. Images Of Women And Women 2057 Words | 9 Pages. Images of Women and the Role of Gender in the Tang Dynasty Throughout China's feudal era, society was purely male dominated

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Tang Poetry See more » Edit Box Office. Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $1,949 . See more on IMDbPro » Company Credits. Production Co: Doo Entertainment See more » Show more on IMDbPro » Technical Specs. Runtime: 87 min. Color: Color. See full technical specs » Getting. www.amazon.co Tang Dinastia cinese che regnò dal 618 al 907, dopo il collasso dei Sui (581-617). Durante l'epoca T. l'impero cinese raggiunse la sua massima estensione, dall'Asia centrale alla Corea, e la civiltà cinese ebbe uno dei suoi periodi più felici, al punto che Tangren («uomo dei T.») è stata espressione auto-elogiativa usata dai cinesi fino in epoca moderna In this seventh installment of the history of Tang poetry we move on to the Middle Tang period. While the poetry might not be as celebrated as that produced during the High Tang, there were still many figures beloved in their own time and all through the centuries Tang Poetry Reading for Children (Book + CD), Libro in Lingua straniera di Feng Che Tu Shu. Spedizione gratuita per ordini superiori a 25 euro. Acquistalo su libreriauniversitaria.it! Pubblicato da Tsai Fong Books, 9789862232286

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  1. Translation for 'tang poetry' in the free English-Vietnamese dictionary and many other Vietnamese translations
  2. This primer on Tang dynasty-era poetry addresses Chinese history and linguistics and the tricky task of translation. Retired surgeon Hung's (The Chinese Language Demystified, 2018, etc.) overview of verse written during the Tang period, which lasted from 618 to 907, will be accessible to novices and a rich resource for experts.He takes a multipronged approach, beginning with a brief.
  3. Poetry isn't taken very seriously in the West, especially in the last two hundred years, but Chinese ancient poetry is still read and ancient Chinese poets are honored. The greatest poets are thought to have lived a thousand years ago or more during the Tang (618-907), Song (960-1279) and Han (206 BC - 220 AD) dynastic eras
  4. The China History Podcast. CHP-223-The History of Tang Poetry Part 6. 30. 00:00:00. / 00:24:33. 30. Laszlo finishes up the High Tang period of Chinese poetry. Wang Wei and Meng Haoran are showcased in this episode
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  6. Tang Poetry in Paintings (Chinese Edition) by Xu Yuanchong Book The Fast Free. $41.25. Free shipping. Seller 97.5% positive. Chinese Ancient Drawing Book Tang Poetry Song Ci Coloring Book.
  7. The Tang Dynasty witnessed a peak in Chinese culture. Especially for ancient poetry. It had its flowering in the Tang Dynasty. In more that 300 years of history of the Tang Dynasty, some 48900 poems were handed down and remain widely known today.So many works also made more than 2300 poets famous in history. L

Tang poetry History. The Tang dynasty was a time of major social and probably linguistic upheavals. Thus, the genre may be divided... Anthologies. Many collections of Tang poetry have been made, both during the Tang dynasty and subsequently. In the first... English Translators. Major translators of. The Three Hundred Tang Poems handed down in 258 years also have weaknesses or weaknesses? Some scholars have spent several years compiling the Three Hundred Tang Poems to make up for the hard injuries and soft injuries as much as possible. The sound of the apes on both sides of the strait can't keep crying, and the light boat has passed the ten thousand heavy mountains Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for The Tang poems, book I arranged by None but the tasty tarts can be my breakfast by Tchaikovsky for Piano, Bass (Piano-Voice Chinese poetry -- Tang dynasty, 618-907 Chinese poetry -- Tang dynasty, 618-907 -- Translations into English: title_display: 100 poems from Tang and Song dynasties: title_full: 100 poems from Tang and Song dynasties / [translation by Qiu Xiaolong] title_short: 100 poems from Tang and Song dynasties: topic_facet: Chinese poetry

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  1. TANG POETRY Tang Shi. Directed by. Zhang Lu. China, South Korea, 2004. Drama. 87. Synopsis. Holding a shaking hand with another hand, a former pickpocket confines himself in his apartment. He doesn't talk to anyone for long. There is only one woman with whom he communicates. Synopsis
  2. Lüshi, a form of Chinese poetry that flourished in the Tang dynasty (618-907). It consists of eight lines of five or seven syllables, each line set down in accordance with strict tonal patterns. Exposition (qi) was called for in the first two lines; the development of the theme (cheng), in paralle
  3. The Tang Dynasty is well remembered for the era's contributions to poetry, partly the result of Xuanzong's creation of an academy for poets, which helped preserve over 48,900 poems written by.
  4. La dinastia Tang fu molto importante nella storia cinese, spiccando per la prosperità dell' economia e la stabilità sociale, mentre anche la cultura e l'arte registrarono spendidi successi. In particolare la poesia classica visse il suo periodo di massima fioritura
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New: I've prepared a new edition of the book of Du Fu translations, which you can buy by clicking on the cover (right). The book contains all four texts of each poem (simplified Chinese, pinyin, gloss and translation). The printing from the new publisher (lulu) is good quality, and larger pages compared to the previous edition allow improvements in the layout - most poems fit on to two facing. Abstract. Images are the soul of poetry. The usage of images enables poetry to express its deepest emotions in very concise expression. While the structured language of poetry bring convenience to computer processing, the accumulation of a large number of images also brings difficulty to deep semantic understanding Li Bai lived from 701-762 A.D., during the Tang Dynasty (again, that's not a long A, but an ah sound), a time period famous for being a pinnacle of Chinese poetry. You can recognize Tang poems because they always belong to 1 of 4 forms of Tang poetry; a Tang poem always has either 4 lines or 8 lines, and each line always has either 5 characters (thus, syllables) or 7 characters Wang Can and the Poetry of Scholar-Officials During the Han; Poetry of Retreat at the Fall of the Han; TAO QIAN (365-427 CE) Tao Qian and the Tradition of Retreat; Prelude to Tang Poetry: Poetry of the Zhou and Han; TANG POETRY. Introduction to Tang Poetry; Great Tang Poets: Du Fu (721-770) Great Tang Poets: Li Bo (701-762) Great Tang Poets. Tang poetry; Tang poetry. Page 27 of 50 - About 500 essays. During the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties, tea production developed rapidly, and tea became a popular drink around the country and the world - Cha Jing, written by Lu Yu in the Tang Dynasty,.

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  1. This is a translation and annotation of the poem 靜夜思 (Jìng Yè Sī), by the Tang dynasty poet 李白 (Li Bai). The poem is #233 in the collection 300 Tang Poems, and is also known by its first line: 床前明月光 (Chuáng Qián Míng Yuè Guāng). If you'd like to learn Chinese, you might be interested in Skritter and ChineseClass101
  2. The Three Hundred Tang Poems (Chinese: 唐詩三百首) is an anthology of poems from the Chinese Tang dynasty (618-907). It was first compiled around 1763 by Sun Zhu (1722-1778), who was a Qing Dynasty scholar and was also known as Hengtang Tuishi (蘅塘退士 Retired Master of Hengtang). Various later editions also exist. All editions contain slightly more than 300 total poems: in.
  3. Tang Poetry & Poets Song Ci & Yuan Qu. In ancient China, people had profuse feelings to express when historical events took place, both joyful or of grief. Classical literature possesses a profound culture, and is the epitome of the spirit, morals and wisdom of the Chinese people. It reflects the high level of civilization
  4. Tang Poetry. The Tang Dynasty witnessed a peak in Chinese culture. Especially for ancient poetry, it had its flowering in the Tang Dynasty. In more than 300 years of history of the Tang Dynasty, some 48,900 poems were handed down and remain widely known today
  5. Scholars who were versed in poetry and calligraphy adopted painting as a vehicle of self-expression. Su Shi (1037-1101), a famous scholar of the Northern Song, inscribed a painting by Wang Wei (699-759), renowned poet of the Tang dynasty (618-906) - the golden age of poetry - with an accompanying poem
  6. Tang poetry, di YA Ming (1924-2002) Disegno Acquarello 2013, Cina Dati riservati agli abbonati 2013, Cina Vuole accedere a tutte le informazioni? Consultare gli abbonamenti Esempio gratuito. Artmarket è quotato presso Eurolist by Euronext Paris (Euroclear: 7478.

Poezja tang ( chiński tradycyjny: 唐詩; chiński uproszczony: 唐诗; pinyin: Táng shī) odnosi się do poezji napisanej w okresie lub w podobnym stylu chińskiej dynastii Tang (18 czerwca 618 - 4 czerwca 907, w tym 690-705 panowanie Wu Zetian) i / lub następuje pewien styl, często uważane za złoty wiek w chińskiej poezji. Quantangshi obejmuje ponad 48900 wierszy napisanych przez. Li Bai (Chinese: 李白; pinyin: Lǐ Bái; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lí Pe̍k, 701-762), also known as Li Bo, courtesy name Taibai (Chinese: 太白), art name Qinglian Jushi (Chinese: 青蓮居士), was a Chinese poet acclaimed from his own day to the present as a genius and a romantic figure who took traditional poetic forms to new heights.He and his friend Du Fu (712-770) were the two most. By the Tang period, China was divided into northern and southern dynasties with different rulers and political systems. The north was conquered by relatively unsophisticated barbarians, but in the south, the aristocratic families established a refined appreciation of writing and literature

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Tang poetry (唐人诗意图), 2010, di WANG Xijing (1946) Disegno Acquarello 2016, Hong Kong Dati riservati agli abbonati 2016, Hong Kong Vuole accedere a tutte le informazioni? Consultare gli abbonamenti Esempio gratuito. Artmarket è quotato presso. Pretty well perfect introduction to Tang poetry -- each poem's text is given in traditional and simplified characters, with pinyin romanization, English translation, then on facing page a character-by-character analysis with literal translation. Book includes around 200 poems, short biographies, and a good introduction

The Poetry of the Early Tang di Owen, Stephen su AbeBooks.it - ISBN 10: 1922169021 - ISBN 13: 9781922169020 - LIGHTNING SOURCE INC - 2012 - Brossur Tang poetry was largely written in the capital or in one of the courts of the imperial princes. It could also be written in banquets at inns or private homes

In addition, 'Cirrus Minor' from the album More also alludes to Chinese poetry, so we will also have a look at this song. As this site is devoted to Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese, we'll take this as an opportunity not just to look at the source of Pink Floyd's lyrics, a humble but compelling Penguin anthology of Chinese poetry , but also to look at the original works — in Chinese Translating Tang poetry into English is an exceptional method of spreading Chinese culture around the world. Starting from the beginning of the 19th century, Tang poetry translation boasts a history of 200 years, including three periods: germination, development, and prosperity However, the contributions of the above mentioned poets was mainly confined to the standardization and clarification of the Tang poetry, the real person who'd brought in critical turning point for the shifting of style of the Tang poetry was the Four Literary Eminences in Early Tang and Chén Zǐ'áng, who are worth-noticing for readers who'd like to learn Chinese in China Chinese poetry -- Tang dynasty, 618-907 -- History and criticism, Chinese poetry, Tang Dynasty (China) Publisher Rutland, Vt., C.E. Tuttle Co Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; internetarchivebooks Digitizing sponsor Kahle/Austin Foundation Contributor Internet Archive Language Englis

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The Tang Dynasty is when poetry became an integral part of Chinese culture, and other forms of writing such as short stories and histories became popular as well. Many of the most well-known Chinese stories and history come from the Tang Dynasty. For example,. The Tang Prize (Chinese: 唐獎) is a set of biennial international awards bestowed in four fields: Sustainable Development, Biopharmaceutical Science, Sinology, and Rule of Law.Nomination and selection are conducted by an independent selection committee, which is formed in partial cooperation with the Academia Sinica, Taiwan's top research institution The Chinese Tang dynasty (600-900 CE) has left us some wonderful poems. A recurring theme in these poems is pilgrimage, a sacred journey seeking spiritual instruction or enlightenment. And frequently they convey a surprising message: there is no goal to be attained, the journey itself is the goal, and the pilgrim must embark on the long journey only to discover that s/he has always been there

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Li Po (李白), also Romanized as Li Bai, Li Bo, and Li Pai, was a Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty likely born in 701. After growing up in the Sichuan province, Li Po left home to sail the Yangzi River, beginning the journeys documented in his poetry. Over the next twenty years, Li Po visited many. See a recent post on Tumblr from @thecactus-aesthetics about Tang poetry. Discover more posts about Tang poetry Abstract: Poetry is a very popular literary form. Currently, its sentiment analysis is one of the hottest research trends. However, there are few relevant studies focusing on the sentiment analysis of ancient Chinese poetry, especially for Tang Poetry. In this paper, we propose a deep learning-based method to solve the above problem searching for Tang poetry 29 found (131 total) alternate case: tang poetry. Li Ye (poet) (636 words) exact match in snippet view article for her anti-Tang poetry. She was condemned to death and executed in 784. The Qing dynasty anthology Complete Collection of Tang Poetry, together wit

唐詩-廣東話 Tang poetry, Cantonese (春曉 憫農 池上 江南 詠鵝 詠柳 清明 出塞 江

Find helpful learner reviews, feedback, and ratings for 唐詩新思路 (Tang Poetry) from National Taiwan University. Read stories and highlights from Coursera learners who completed 唐詩新思路 (Tang Poetry) and wanted to share their experience. 欧老师在课程中为我们展现了一个全新、更贴近作品时代、贴近作者本身的角度去理解品位唐诗,引导我们去. Listen to Tang Poetry Appreciation: Vol. 1 (Tang Shi Xin Shang Yi) on Spotify. Sun Daolin · Album · 2007 · 16 songs Bibliografia. Paul Kroll, Poetry of the T'ang dynasty, in Mair, Victor (a cura di), The Columbia History of Chinese Literature, New York, Columbia University Press, 2001, pp. 274-313, ISBN -231-10984-9. Spence Jonathan D., Ts'ao Yin and the K'ang-Hsi Emperor: Bondservant and Master, New Haven, Yale University Press, 1966. Peng Dingqiu 彭定球, 全唐詩 (Quan Tang Shi), Beijing, Zhonghua.

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